Sheng a group exhibition of vessels | 盛 容器

展出時間 Time to exhibit  | 2016.11/23 - 2017.1/15
展出藝術家 Artist |  

Alex Zablocki(US) | Judy Stone(US) | Ann Van Hoey (BL) | Jiyoung park (SK) | Seon-Hwa Jeong (SK) | Hee myung Chung (SK) | Dongkyu Lee (SK) | Shim Sayoung(SK) | 梶間智絵(JP) | 陳國珍(TW) | 陳穎亭(TW) | 林靖蓉(TW) | 楊欣怡(TW) | 易佑安(TW) | 鄭宜欣(TW) | 蔡譯德(TW) | 羅琪(TW) | 吳竟銍(TW)

In the evolution of life, the diverse manifestation of functional vessels has also evolved, from stone vessels to pottery, from copper ware to ironware. Approximately eight thousand years ago, vessels were not only used to contain and store food, but they functioned as utensils for cooking food, hence, the use of vessels gradually changed the life style of human.

 The Chinese character "盛" (pronounced sheng) has two meanings, when the word is a verb it indicates to put something into a container; when it is used as a adjective, the word describe things that no longer be contained and eventually overflows. The various definitions of "sheng" has sufficiently expressed the correspondence between the internal and external space.

 Today, vessels are not just used to contain food, artworks created by artists stimulates us to think about vessels from different perspectives. Utensils not only provide us with convenience, but also engages with decorative implications. In this exhibition, we have invited international and domestic artists who works with diverse materials, such as clay, glass, textile, enamel, metal, and paint. Through the employment of these materials, we can experience the affects and effects which vessels bring to our life.