Seon-Hwa Jeong


Member of Asia international Art Society
Korea New Art Society The invited artist
Seoul National University AFB CEO complete

2015 Nothing is what it seems – Spain, Italy, Taiwan

2014 The 27th Japan international cloisonne jewelry contest-Be accepted

2014-13 Grand Art Exhibition of Korea-the traditional handicraft section winning 


KDB , Traditional Crafts & Industry Competition- Runner-Up

Korea New Art Festival-Special selection 

Exhibition in New Delhi, India -Gallery Lokayato

30th Special Exhibition of Korea Enamel Craft Association-Insa Art center 

Taiwan international art fair 

2011Jeonju Traditional Crafts Competition - Special selection 

2009/2010 Japan Silver accessory contest -Be accepted -Display in Tokyo National Art Gallery 

Mongolia world art fair -The invited artist
Shanghai International art fair- The invited artist
Tokyo International art fair-The invited artist
California modern art fair-The invited artist
Tashkent international Biennale-The invited artist